The African commuter taxi experience made hassle free.

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How it Works?


Step 1

Open the app and choose your stage, it can be detected automatically.


Step 2

Choose your destination - where you want to go and submit, you will receive a code.


Step 3

The Taxi will arrive and you can give driver your code to scan as you board taxi.

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About app

Convenience in urban transport is what we are all about. We make it easier for you to get your transport needs addressed in and around Kampala city. We think about the transport needs of i) everyday commuters who want to get from home to the city, ii) groups of people who would like to go on safari, and even iii) business men who need a truck to move their goods from one place to another.

Our every decision is driven by two main concepts, shared growth and environmental friendliness.

Our first product was built to create efficiencies in our public transportation system, specifically “matatus”. Our solution achieves growth for all players in the system by addressing the issue of traffic congestion caused by taxi idle time.

By creating a link between taxi commuters and taxi drivers, we eliminate idle time wasted by the drivers, increase the number of trips made per day, and increase profitability for all stakeholders in the system. It’s as simple as that.

Why choose us?


Total Users

Double number of trips from 5 to 10

Drop stage waiting time from 25 to 1minute

Grow share of income from 70k to 100K per day

Eliminate the hassle of calling out for passengers


Total Users

Eliminate time wasted waiting for taxi to fill

Pay a flexible and fair price for the distance travelled

Ride in a safe, clean and convenient taxi

Manage your transport expenses through credit

Taxi Owner

Total Users

Track your taxi movements online

Have online access to your trip cash inflows

Have online access to your taxi performance

Grow share of income from 90K to 130k per day.


Total Users

Address the issue of traffic congestion that costs Uganda up to 2.8tn in GDP

Reduce number of idle taxis hovering along roads

Reducing number of vehicles on the road (car pooling)

Our Team

Olive Katatumba, FCCA

CEO and Founder of the Ollie

Ivan Muhumuza

Director Training and Operations

Ronald Hakiza

Director Sales and Marketing

Alvin Serukenya

Director Business Development

George Mutagaya



Frequently Asked Questions

Search for “Ollie” in the PlayStore on Android phones. AppStore for iPhone coming soon.
When you are within a distance of 50 meters from the Ollie route, simply type in your destination, and you will see all the taxis along your route. Every Ollie taxi has an orange taxi hat. The taxi number plate is visible in the App to help you identify or confirm your Ollie.
When you type your destination, you will not be assigned to only one Ollie taxi. You will be registered on 3 nearest and available taxis en-route to you and where you’re going. This will give you the power of choice to use the taxi that arrives first. Awesome, right?
The App is free to download. When using the App and you select a destination, the App will show you the total estimate to pay for your trip. You will be charged Ushs 200 per kilometer. During times of scarcity, you will be charged Ushs 300 per kilometer. Payments done using oWallet credits will be slightly cheaper than cash.
Ollie is operating on all major routes in and out of Kampala. We keep on adding more routes as more drivers and taxis are signed up for Ollie.
Download the Ollie Driver App from PlayStore or AppStore on your smartphone. You will be guided through an easy set up process to sign up. Be sure to have your driver’s permit and National ID ready.